BMIS: Online Software for creating Asbestos management plans and more.

Effortlessly Managing your Regulatory Requirement

BMIS has been designed to enable companies and businesses to easily manage risks associated with asbestos, lead based paint, mould and other hazardous materials within their building portfolio.

These are some of key features that help manage your regulatory requirements

Asbestos Repository
Asbestos Repository

Asbestos register. Upload surveys, air monitoring information, removal plans into the system for referral.

Multiple Workplaces
Multiple Workplaces

Easily manage multiple workplaces across New Zealand.

QR Code
QR Code

Providing easy access to plans for all your workers/contractors.

Mapping and photographs
Mapping and photographs

Take the guess work out of identifying hazardous with floor plan and mapping and photographs for each item in the register

Portfolio Tools
Portfolio Tools

Understand your risks and manage your assets better with portfolio tools.

Fast Inspections
Fast Inspections

Our reinspection tool makes planning and executing re-inspection surveys a brezee.

Print ready plans in an instant
Print ready plans in an instant

Export a PDF management plan, reflecting your current risk profile, in minutes.


Receive notifications when tasks are due, when contractors are not suitably trained, and more.

Asbestos Management Feature Comparison

Other software
NZ Regulation
Asbestos Register
Identification sticker
Management Plan Generation
Worker Information
Training Register
Tracks asbestos items over time
Always up to date
Removed item support
Clearance certificate management
Floor plan and photos
Reinspection Module
Change register
Portfolio tools

Here's a glimpse of what we're up to.


Regulatory Requirements Managed in BMIS


Different login options: Management, view-only, and contractor


Contractors logged in per month to view asbestos management plans


Management Plans produced on average per month

BMIS Pricing

from $24.95 per month

Whether you manage 1 or 10,000 buildings, our pricing scales with the number of buildings managed in BMIS.

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We asked our users what they think.

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"We have been using BMIS for our property portfolio for years and we can’t recommend it enough. It has a very user-friendly interface, it is easy to navigate and to update and the support team is always available to help. Of the many great features offered by the software, we particularly enjoy the plans that clearly mark the location of asbestos or suspected asbestos items, the ability to set different types of user access and how easily you can produce live management plans."
Anna Maria Rossi
Project Advisor at Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
"Navigating the asbestos health and safety regulations would have been challenging if not for BMIS, it has allowed us to effectively manage the risk to a considerable portfolio with comparative ease. My understanding and application of the regulations has vastly improved to allow me to confidently tackle most situations."
Jeremy Fourie
Systemic consultant for New Zealand Police

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BMIS has been developed in New Zealand to help you meet New Zealand asbestos and other hazardous materials regulatory requirements. Copyright © 2021 by Datanest Software Ltd.