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Software Features

BMIS has been developed in New Zealand to help you meet New Zealand asbestos regulatory requirements. Other management systems may only offer an asbestos register holding system, so why not have more? Building Materials Information System Other Asbestos Management Systems
Hold an asbestos register for asbestos building materials Tick:yes Tick:yes
Link between the asbestos register to an integrated identification sticker. Tick:yes Tick:yes
Use information in the system to create an asbestos management plan for you that meets regulatory requirements Tick:yes Cross:no
Holds information online about workers for each individual site Tick:yes Cross:no
Holds information online showing asbestos awareness training and health monitoring that has been undertaken Tick:yes Cross:no
Tracks asbestos items over time Tick:yes Cross:no
Produces a live document, updates are made available to all workers onsite immediately Tick:yes Cross:no
Provides support information for the removal of asbestos items Tick:yes Cross:no
Holds clearance certificates when asbestos items have been removed Tick:yes Cross:no
Clear plans indicating the locations of asbestos items and has the ability to upload photos to help for future re-inspections Tick:yes Cross:no


Qualified Resources

Designed by a team of asbestos industry experts made up of environmental practitioners, occupational hygienists, BOHS IP402 trained consultants and asbestos assessors, leading team developers brought BMIS to life as a user-friendly package for all businesses.

There is no need to pay large consultancy fees. Instead, sign up and create your own management plans for buildings.

Task Specific Software

You cannot force a round peg into a square hole, so why try to force asbestos management into other management programs.

Worksafe NZ only released their code of practice for managing asbestos in November 2016. The code of practice details requirements for business owners, which has been taken into account by BMIS.

At BMIS we have designed an easy to use software by industry experts which helps manage asbestos in your work place so you can sit back and keep running your business.


At BMIS we know that not everybody wants to independently set up their own management plans, our team of experts can therefore be involved as much or a little as you desire.

Our asbestos experts have created whole management programs for clients who then review them and simply integrate the plans into their current systems.

Our IT team are on hand to offer support if ever needed.

The Complete Asbestos Management System